Friday, October 9, 2015

While We Wait - Buy Local!

As usual, I've been lax on updating this blog. I really should have, by now, finished my series on how to steal from the stores.

In the meantime, I provided below some free episodes of two television shows; I think most of them are no longer available. Right now, I'm going to provided some complimentary content.  Below is another article by Tyler Sickmeyer of Fidelitas Development. As with other articles, the embedded links were added by me.

Buy Locally - In business and life, RECIPROCITY is key!

By now everyone is familiar with American Express’s well-crafted “buy local” campaigns. I think I could go so far as to say that most of us make some sort of an effort to buy locally and support other locally owned businesses. But what about brands? If brands want to truly enjoy success in a market, they need to invest at a local level.

Too many marketers look at things strictly from the immediate ROI, and they’re partially justified for doing so. But what if marketers started playing chess instead of checkers and made long-term investments into the communities they serve? I think the results would be most profitable. Reciprocity has long been evident in society-at-large. Recently a San Diego firefighter told a story on the news of a woman insisting on giving them all hugs. He tried to convince her otherwise, as they were dirty, sweaty, and recently removed from fighting the fires. She insisted, saying that it was the least she could do after they saved her home.

Given that most people feel obligated to support those that go out of their way to help them, why wouldn’t brands take more of an interest in helping their communities? Sure, funds are tight, but the last I checked it’s never rained money. Marketers and brands that decide to invest in their local communities by supporting events, youth sports and after school programs, and local charities will gain far more than brand awareness. They’ll gain a sense of belonging within their community, and those that they serve will be more inclined to patronize them.

No one has figured this out better than Chevrolet, which has figured out numerous ways to invest into local communities by partnering with its dealers to support youth programs and give back. If a national brand like Chevrolet can find the time and rationale to give back on a local level, there’s no reason local and regional organizations can’t do the same.

Note: This article is borrowed from the Fidelitas Development blog.

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