Coupon Database

If you're just starting on the savings experience, you may not want to use this database.

To make it simpler: The best source for valuable, money-saving printable coupons is Though you can print the Coupons directly from that site, it is profitable to do so via Swagbucks.  The note below is about that.

Also keep in mind that "couponing" & saving big is about a LOT MORE than just using coupons. That will be discussed, as this blog kicks off. Stay tuned!

Important Note: If you haven't, sign up for a Swagbucks account here - you can freely earn virtual money (Swag Bucks), which you can redeem for REAL MONEY and/or Gift Cards.

However: Another thing about Swagbucks is that you can print the aforementioned coupons from the Swagbucks site, and freely earn Swag Bucks, when you use each one. So not only do you get the full-value usage of each coupon, but you earn a little, each time it's used.

Tip: I've often given my Swagbucks coupons to other people, to use. That way: They get the discount (from the coupon) at the store, & I earn the Swag Bucks!

Sign up here:

These coupons are included in my Coupon Database, but it's better to print them via Swagbucks! You can also earn Swagbucks from other things, like searching the internet, taking surveys, or watching videos.

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