Monday, July 27, 2015

Extreme Delaying

I'm clearly taking my own sweet time, in completing my series on how to legally steal from the stores. Sorry about that.

While you're waiting, here are some free episodes of entertaining programming, related to this blog.

Extreme Couponing - Season 4, Episode 4

Extreme Cheapskates - Season 3, Episode 9

Saturday, July 4, 2015

USA: Where even the poor people are fat

Happy Independence Day!!

God Bless America!!

"I really want to move to a country where the poor people are fat."

Papa John's Pizza, for Independence Weekend

I'll have a post up, for this occasion. For now, I'll just mention (for linking to, in my Tweet!) that Papa John's has a 50% off online offer, this entire weekend.

Enter "FIREWORKS50" at checkout.

We just ordered an XL pizza for brunch (carryout). The total, including tax, was only $8.67.

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