Friday, June 26, 2015

Birthday Stress and Birthday Freebies: The Sequel

Last year for my birthday (when times were better), I had decided to try to semi-imitate the Perry sisters, and get free stuff!

I ended up going to several places...
[I'll fill this part in, when I'm at a computer - Right now, I'm using my iPhone's web browser to blog this, while dad is driving to Denny's. This year, I've dragged my parents into the birthday freebie experience!]

This year, like last year, I got a late start - and I was having severe problems too, sparked in part by current events.

However: After seeing Jurassic World, we went to Firehouse Subs (H/T Freebie Depot), to Carryout. We were thinking of Ruby Tuesday next, for dinner. We learned that Springfield's has closed, though. We decided on Denny's.

I will update and revise this post, when I'm at my laptop!

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