Monday, May 18, 2015

Blogging with my phone, from FitClub West

(I'm publishing this blog entry with my iPhone; it'll have to be spruced up, later on.)

Came w/ dad to Fit Club; I don’t use it, but appreciate opportunity to get out.

Importing @Walgreens app onto this phone; Was on my last iPhone.

I've recently soured on @Walgreens (due to their support of a certain agenda), and have been doing less #couponing overall, but we're stopping at that store, after here. I'm preparing now to see what I might be able to get, via @Walgreens.

This relates to a Tweet I'd just favorited, earlier today:

I need to make progress on my blog, so I can share some of these tips on how to legally shoplift, and also provide commentary, on issues like Walgreens' misstep, which I alluded to above.

Now checking @passion4savings, to see what I might be able to "steal" from Walgreens.

I might also see if iPoll could earn me something.

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