Sunday, December 1, 2013

This is not your mother's couponing blog

A dollar saved is a dollar earned! Most people don't realize just HOW MUCH MONEY can be saved every week, on the items that you buy.

This isn't just about using coupons. It involves exploiting & optimizing the variety of offers, deals, technology, & tools that are freely available - so as to cut costs & maximize the buying power of your hard-earned money.

Done right, this can in fact make a MAJOR dent in your spending budget!

THANKS SO MUCH to all the moms (like Stephanie & Rachel) who maintain top-notch savings websites! Thanks also to TLC's show & Dave Ramsey's F.P.U., for the inspiration.

Not many young singles (especially guys) are interested in this type of thing.

However: The mathematical & monetary aspect of this is something that appeals to everyone... Who doesn't want a fatter wallet? It's hard to believe just how much $$ can be shaved from your budget. 


"Extreme couponing"/saving can be addictive... It's been described as a sport. :-) The object of the game is to get prices as close to $0.00 as possible, and to maximize the percentage you're shaving off your bills.

It was only a few months ago that I realized how much can be saved regularly, by using the right techniques. Each week, there are even items you can BUY for
around $0.00 or less, at the store! It sounds too good to be true, in this day & age. But there's a lot more than water at restaurants
that's still available, for FREE!

It is tricky & time-consuming at first, but it gets easier once you've learned the system. Sites like this provide tips, leads, and how-to's, to help you maximize your monetary power, during these hard economic times.

AND: I also hope to use this site to cover income opportunities for young people, and ways to make money online (and off). Don't be surprised if faith & politics is thrown into the mix, as well. Enjoy!

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