Sunday, May 10, 2015

Layer 3: Store Coupons

HOW TO DO IT: The layout of LAYERS

As discussed below, the key to shopping for free (or for very little, or sometimes less than free!) is stacking LAYERS of savings, atop each other.  I'll try not to make this too complicated (which can sometimes be a challenge for me :-)... I've realized it will require a separate blog entry for each Layer, however. 

And for some of this, it'll require a separate post for each "sub-Layer," too. I hope you find this easy to follow.

Stack of Savings Stuff:
LAYER #1: Weekly Store Sales
LAYER #2: Manufacturer's Coupons
- LAYER #2.1: Printable internet coupons
- LAYER #2.2: Newspaper coupons

- LAYER #2.3: Catalina Register Printout Coupons
- LAYER #2.4: Blinkies
- LAYER #2.5: Tearpads
- LAYER #2.6
: Peelies
- LAYER #2.7: Phonebooks and more

LAYER #3 ~ Store Coupons

A Store Coupon is a coupon issued by the particular store. Most stores allow you to "stack" one Store Coupon with one Manufacturer's Coupon.

Key Term: Stacking, in couponing lingo, refers to layering your savings - using the methods in this blog series!

Target store logo

Target provides Store Coupons online, which you can print. (They also offer other "layers," but we'll get to those in future posts.)

TIP: One little-known couponing tip is that Meijer actually allows you to use those Target online coupons.  You can stack a Target coupon with a Manufacturer's coupon - at Meijer!

However: The checkout personnel at Meijer might be unaware of this policy.  You may have to get the manager, to do this.

Using this, I was able to get FREE Speed Stick Gear Deodorant at Meijer:

Speed Stick Gear Deodorant

Sale price of item: $3.00
Manufacturer's Coupon: -$2.00
Target Coupon used at Meijer: -$1.00
Final Cost = $0.00

This is not the first time I've bought deodorant for FREE; that's a common item you can get, through couponing! There are many other items you can get, as well!

One more thing about Meijer: The store has an "mperks" program, which provides "digital coupons and rewards." I haven't looked into this, but info is available here.

Like Target, Dollar General also provides some coupons online, which you can print.  Keep in mind that only the first several coupons at that link are Dollar General Store Coupons.  The rest are the same Manufacturer's Coupons that you can get through

Dollar General also provides Digital Coupons.  I haven't looked into this, but these must be Store Coupons, which you can stack with Manufacturer's Coupons.

Kroger logo
 Kroger also has Digital Store Coupons available online.  You apparently load these onto your Kroger card.  Kroger used to double coupons... But alas, they no longer do.  Perhaps this is because of the TLC show.

Whole Foods logo
Whole Foods also has online Store Coupons available.  There's no Whole Foods in my area; I've tried to visit the store when traveling, but it closed too early.

County Market logo County Market Penny Pincher logo

Is there a County Market in your area?  Each month, County Market has a Penny Pinchers coupon book.  What's really neat is when you can stack a Penny Pincher's coupon (which already provides a great low price) with a Manufacturer's Coupon!

Most couponing blogs don't deal with County Market.  I plan to make this blog an exception to that.

Walgreens logo
Walgreens has a coupon book, each month.  These books are available at the front of the store.  You can stack a store coupon (from the book) with a manufacturer's coupon, on the same item!

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