Friday, July 1, 2016

While We Wait: A Happy Birthday to David Carlson!

One of the great things about Social Media (Happy belated Social Media Day!) is the connections you make, and the interaction you have. It was that way with the Blogosphere and online forums, but tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn allow us to quickly make - and maintain - connections with very interesting people, without attending events and passing out business cards.

I turned 35 this week. That carries with it a lot of baggage and fears - topics for another time. Josh Claybourn - the Blogospherian who's inspired me most - also recently turned 35; we discussed this type of thing years ago, but Josh has clearly become more accomplished than I, in recent years.

Joshua Claybourn - - - - - - - - - - David Carlson of Young Adult Money

Just as was a "father" of my original blog, David Carlson of Young Adult Money has been one of those who inspired this weblog, and other ongoing activities. I met David years ago through Twitter, and he was there when my "behind the curve" crisis hit.

I am still struggling to figure things out career-wise, but it will work out.

For the moment, I wanted to wish David Carlson a very Happy Birthday! He recently published a book, which I'll be purchasing!

Check out the Young Adult Money site, and stay tuned for some quality content here as well!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

While We Wait: Pizza savings via RetailMeNot

I have been getting through some of my many To-Do's, and hope to finish my blog series here, on how to legally steal from the stores.

But I wanted to drop a quick note here, about the great Retail Me Not site.

After going for a walk with my parents, we just ordered three pizzas from Pizza Hut. (One is for another family, that my parents are picking up from the train station tonight.) There is an "online exclusive" paper coupon that we have, which offers any specialty or 5-topping pizza for $11.00.

An "unpopular coupon" on RetailMeNot offered the same deal, but for $10.00. I tried it, and it worked!

It is coupon code "2155" - Go to the coupon code field at Pizza Hut's website, and enter "2155" there. It will then give you the opportunity to order, using this deal. Or if you did your order first, and then entered the coupon code, it'd probably work too. This deal is $10.00 for any specialty or 5-topping Large pizza!

Please pray for me, as I try to get things organized, straightened out, monetized, and optimized. And check out our friend David Carlson's new book! I wish I had his productivity!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

While We Wait: Today's newspaper

My series on how to save money at the stores has been negligibly delayed, but in the posts I've done thus far, I did cover the issue of Sunday newspaper inserts.

From the Meijer Madness blog, I learned that today's Sunday newspaper contains five coupon inserts! (One mistake people make is thinking that the same inserts are going to be in each Sunday's newspaper.)

Today's newspaper contains:

2 The RedPlum (RP) Inserts
2 The SmartSource (SS) Inserts
1 The P&G Saver (PG) Insert

Here is a preview of some of the actual coupons that will probably be in aforesaid inserts.

If you haven't gotten the paper today, some stores will still have them tomorrow.

Monday, April 18, 2016

While We Wait: A Piece of Tax Time Humor

I am planning to finish the series on how to save money from the stores. But in the mean time, I'll republish a humorous piece from back when blogging was fun.

No endorsement implied... Use at your own risk!

The Top 10 Ways to Hassle the IRS

by Anonymous

The following list of "tips" on thwarting, annoying and generally badgering workers at IRS processing offers was delivered anonymously to the ParaScope mailbox. The author, who claims to have worked in an IRS mail room, offers the following suggestions for annoying, aggravating or otherwise messing with the IRS. Note: These agitation methods are presented FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Use at your own risk and discretion.

That said, here are the top 10 ways to hassle the IRS with relative impunity:

1. Always put staples in the right-hand corner. Go ahead and put them down the whole right side. The extractors who remove the mail from the envelopes have to take out any staples in the right side.

2. Never arrange paperwork in the right order, or even facing the right way. Put a few upside down and backwards. That way they have to remove all your staples, rearrange your paperwork and re-staple it (on the left side).

3. Line the bottom of your envelope with glue and let it dry before you put in your forms, so that the automated opener doesn't open it and the extractor has to open it by hand.

4. If you're very unfortunate and have to pay taxes, use a two- or three-party check.

5. On top of paying with a three-party check, pay one of the dollars you owe in cash. When an extractor receives cash, no matter how small an amount, he has to take it to a special desk and fill out many nasty forms.

6. Write a little letter of appreciation. Any letter received has to be read and stamped, regardless of what it is about.

7. Write your letter on something misshapen and unconventional. Like on the back of a grocery sack.

8. When you mail your return, mail it in a big envelope (even if it's just a single form). Big envelopes have to be torn and sorted differently than regular business-sized ones. An added bonus to the big envelope is that they take priority over other mail, forcing them to hurry up and deal with your mess first.

9. Always put extra paper clips on your forms. Any foreign fasteners have to be removed and put away.

10. Sign your name in ink on every page. Any signature has to be verified and then date stamped.


End of list. Obtained from ParaScope.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!

Today is the 12th Day of Christmas.

(Let's extend Christmas a few days.)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

My 2015 was a year of improvement and renewal, but I know that this year will be even better.

May the Lord Jesus Christ guide you through a year of betterment, revival, and prosperity!

God Bless!!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry CHRISTmas!!

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." - Isaiah 9:6

Friday, October 9, 2015

While We Wait - Buy Local!

As usual, I've been lax on updating this blog. I really should have, by now, finished my series on how to steal from the stores.

In the meantime, I provided below some free episodes of two television shows; I think most of them are no longer available. Right now, I'm going to provided some complimentary content.  Below is another article by Tyler Sickmeyer of Fidelitas Development. As with other articles, the embedded links were added by me.

Buy Locally - In business and life, RECIPROCITY is key!

By now everyone is familiar with American Express’s well-crafted “buy local” campaigns. I think I could go so far as to say that most of us make some sort of an effort to buy locally and support other locally owned businesses. But what about brands? If brands want to truly enjoy success in a market, they need to invest at a local level.

Too many marketers look at things strictly from the immediate ROI, and they’re partially justified for doing so. But what if marketers started playing chess instead of checkers and made long-term investments into the communities they serve? I think the results would be most profitable. Reciprocity has long been evident in society-at-large. Recently a San Diego firefighter told a story on the news of a woman insisting on giving them all hugs. He tried to convince her otherwise, as they were dirty, sweaty, and recently removed from fighting the fires. She insisted, saying that it was the least she could do after they saved her home.

Given that most people feel obligated to support those that go out of their way to help them, why wouldn’t brands take more of an interest in helping their communities? Sure, funds are tight, but the last I checked it’s never rained money. Marketers and brands that decide to invest in their local communities by supporting events, youth sports and after school programs, and local charities will gain far more than brand awareness. They’ll gain a sense of belonging within their community, and those that they serve will be more inclined to patronize them.

No one has figured this out better than Chevrolet, which has figured out numerous ways to invest into local communities by partnering with its dealers to support youth programs and give back. If a national brand like Chevrolet can find the time and rationale to give back on a local level, there’s no reason local and regional organizations can’t do the same.

Note: This article is borrowed from the Fidelitas Development blog.

How Americans Can Buy American

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Breakfast all day! Thank You, McDonald's!

If you arrived at 10:31am (or perhaps 11:01am), it was too late!

But now, McDonald's is offering it's awesome breakfast (is it the whole breakfast menu, or just select items) all day!

Our local McDonald's had actually already started All Day Breakfast, a couple of weeks or so ago. I've been getting the Sausage McMuffin, without the meat.

McDonald's is a GREAT company (I wish that CEO was still there, though), and thanks to them, for this business decision!

I think I might do a McD run right now (I found at least one local store that's still open 24/7). Maybe not tonight. :-)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

While we wait: Free Halloween Marketing Advice

As usual, I've been lax on updating this blog. I really should have, by now, finished my series on how to steal from the stores.

In the meantime, I provided below some free episodes, via YouTube, of two television shows; I think most of them are no longer available. Right now, I'm going to provided some free content.  Below is an article by Tyler Sickmeyer of Fidelitas Development (from a year ago), with some tips for businesses during Halloween.  I don't support Halloween, and I'm not endorsing everything in this article (or in any other article I share), but I wanted to provide this here, while you wait for me to get my blogging act together.

Halloween Marketing Tips: So Simple It's Scary!

The holiday season is among us, beginning this weekend with Halloween. The holidays offer perfect opportunities to humanize your brand and relate to your audience. Consider your marketing plan and how you can use promotions to further engage and build relationships with your audience over Halloween.

The best way to plan a successful holiday campaign is to plan something fun that can be used across all marketing platforms and tailored to your audience members.

If you don’t have a campaign in place for this Halloween, you still have time! Use these Halloween marketing tips to create a last minute campaign that is sure to capture your audience.

1) Offer a Halloween special

The holidays are a perfect excuse to launch special offers and discounts. Whatever your product or service may be, find a way to incorporate halloween aspects into your incentives. For example, restaurants can offer specific specials on halloween decorated desserts or pumpkin treats. Other businesses can offer discounts or special offers to only customers who come dressed in costume. Encourage customers to shop during the holiday by offering coupons that are only valid through October 31st.

2) Use a Halloween theme

Depending on the products or services you offer, consider developing a Halloween theme to market your business. For example, a restaurant can use witch’s brew as a theme to market their ingredients and meals, a doctor can use a skeleton theme, while dentists can use vampires. Pick a theme and a creative tagline, then use it to market your services and products across all platforms.

3) Decorate

Enhance the experience of your customers by simply decorating your business for the holiday season. Consider hanging cobwebs from doors and ceilings, playing scary music and displaying carved pumpkins with your business’s logo. Take photos of your decorated space and pumpkins and post to social media to show customers that you are in the Halloween spirit! If you want to go even further, have employees dress in costume on the days leading up to Halloween. This will give a fun, friendly atmosphere that your customers will enjoy!

A few more last minute ideas to boost your brand with a Halloween promo:

- Run a best costume contest on social media
- Hand out bags with your logo and website that trick-or-treaters can use
- Hand out candy or treat bags at your business
- Send a Happy Halloween email to subscribers
- Host a Halloween coloring contest for children
- Write a list of Halloween safety tips to pass out
- Create a special menu with Halloween names
- Pass out candy to children and coupons to adults
- Place scary clues around town that lead to your business
- Offer candy to anyone who signs up for your newsletter

Setting up a campaign for Halloween can take little effort, and enhance customer relations. Whatever you choose to do, the most important thing is to have fun with it! Your customers will enjoy it and they will be encouraged to come back!

Note: This article is borrowed from the blog of Fidelitas Development.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

FREE Kraft Barbecue Sauce and Bounty Basic paper towels at Schnuck's

I still need to finish my series on how to legally steal from the stores.  I hope you enjoyed the free television episodes that I've shared, in the mean time.

Right now, I wanted to quickly post about a deal going on at Schnuck's.  This pertains to the Schnuck's in Springfield, IL - but the FREE Kraft BBQ Sauce deal should pertain to ALL Schnuck's stores.  These stores are a great place to save money!!


The new Schnuck's ad has KRAFT BARBECUE SAUCE on sale for $1.00 each. ↵↵ If you print that coupon, you will get it for FREE! (The coupon is for $0.55 OFF, which they will raise to $1.00 OFF.)

The coupon does say "Redeemable at Walmart" - However: It's a MANUFACTURER'S coupon, so Schnucks should accept it. Just in case, you might want to print this out. (That's a good printout to have with you anyway, for the future.)

In addition to the KRAFT BBQ SAUCE, you can get BOUNTY BASIC SINGLE paper towel rolls for FREE at Schnucks. They are currently for $1.00 each, and this coupon is for $0.50 OFF:

Schnuck's will double the coupon, to $1.00 OFF.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

TLC's Extreme Couponing - FREE episodes

As it is taking time for me to post the blog entries that I want (though I am making progress, unlike before!), I am going to share a couple of more free episodes of TLC's popular Extreme Couponing show.

Here is Season 1, Episode 4 and Episode 5:

Sunday, August 9, 2015

More free TV - Extreme Couponing

I am planning on finishing my "how to" series, at this blog - teaching you how to shop for free, at the stores.

I am also working on my other blogs - and have actually made some progress on my original blog.

Until I've updated this blog, here is another free television episode. This episode of "Extreme Couponing" fits somewhat well with the theme of this site.

Extreme Couponing - Season 1, Episode 6

This episode features the awesome Chris Duff!

Chris Duff, his wife Ashley, and daughter Elizabeth Extreme Couponing logo

Update: And here's a free episode of Extreme Cheapskates. Enjoy!

Extreme Cheapskates - Season 3, Episode 1

Extreme Cheapskates logo