Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Layer 2.4 - Blinkies!

HOW TO DO IT: The layout of LAYERS

As discussed below, the key to shopping for free (or for very little, or sometimes less than free!) is stacking LAYERS of savings, atop each other.  I'll try not to make this too complicated (which can sometimes be a challenge for me :-)... I've realized it will require a separate blog entry for each Layer, however. 

And for some of this, it'll require a separate post for each "sub-Layer," too. I hope you find this easy to follow.

Stack of Savings Stuff:
LAYER #1: Weekly Store Sales
LAYER #2: Manufacturer's Coupons
- LAYER #2.1: Printable internet coupons
- LAYER #2.2: Newspaper coupons
- LAYER #2.3: Catalina Register Printout Coupons

LAYER #2.4 ~ Blinkies

Pay attention to those machines you see, in the store aisle, which dispense coupons. Though hard to see, they can end up being useful.

Later on, I'm going to cover an exciting "Challenge" that I came across, where a guy tried to eat well for a month, while spending only $30 total on food (an average of a dollar/day). Blinkies came in helpful. (Was he able to eat well on $1.00/day? We'll see.)

The coupons from Blinkies also probably last longer (re: their expiration dates) than the printables.

My Coupon Database should include Blinkies. Here is another site with a good list of some of the current Blinkie coupons.

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