Sunday, May 10, 2015

Layer 2.7 - Phonebooks and more

HOW TO DO IT: The layout of LAYERS

As discussed below, the key to shopping for free (or for very little, or sometimes less than free!) is stacking LAYERS of savings, atop each other.  I'll try not to make this too complicated (which can sometimes be a challenge for me :-)... I've realized it will require a separate blog entry for each Layer, however. 

And for some of this, it'll require a separate post for each "sub-Layer," too. I hope you find this easy to follow.

Stack of Savings Stuff:
LAYER #1: Weekly Store Sales
LAYER #2: Manufacturer's Coupons
- LAYER #2.1: Printable internet coupons
- LAYER #2.2: Newspaper coupons

- LAYER #2.3: Catalina Register Printout Coupons
- LAYER #2.4: Blinkies
- LAYER #2.5: Tearpads
- LAYER #2.6
: Peelies

LAYER #2.7 ~ Phonebooks and more

Phonebooks are one source for coupons.

My Coupon Database may not include Phonebook coupons.  Check your local phonebook for this.

Magazines can also be a source for coupons.  Walmart's ALL YOU Magazine is full of them (but not necessarily ones you would use).

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