Saturday, March 22, 2014

Layer 1: The Weekly Store Sales

HOW TO DO IT: The layout of LAYERS

As discussed below, the key to shopping for free (or very little, or sometimes less than free!) is stacking Layers of savings, atop each other.  I'll try not to make this too complicated (which can sometimes be a challenge for me, though other times not :-)... I've realized it will require a separate blog entry for each Layer, however.

LAYER #1: The weekly store sale.

Every week, every store has items that are marked down.  The Weekly Ad (also known as Weekly Circular) is the guide to this.  Almost all stores make their Weekly Ad available online. Most stores have their Ad Week as Sunday through Saturday.  However: At least two of my local stores (Schnucks, and now County Market as well) run their Ad Week from Wednesday through Tuesday.

Also: Many Walgreens stores actually start their week's sales 1-2 days early; this can lead to the 'Saturday night loophole' which can sometimes be exploited for freebies - We'll discuss that later.

Weekly CircularsTarget || Meijer || Dollar General || Dollar Tree || Family Dollar || Walgreens || CVS || Schnucks || County Market || Shop 'n Save || Kroger || Kmart || Walmart ||

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