Saturday, October 3, 2015

While we wait: Free Halloween Marketing Advice

As usual, I've been lax on updating this blog. I really should have, by now, finished my series on how to steal from the stores.

In the meantime, I provided below some free episodes, via YouTube, of two television shows; I think most of them are no longer available. Right now, I'm going to provided some free content.  Below is an article by Tyler Sickmeyer of Fidelitas Development (from a year ago), with some tips for businesses during Halloween.  I don't support Halloween, and I'm not endorsing everything in this article (or in any other article I share), but I wanted to provide this here, while you wait for me to get my blogging act together.

Halloween Marketing Tips: So Simple It's Scary!

The holiday season is among us, beginning this weekend with Halloween. The holidays offer perfect opportunities to humanize your brand and relate to your audience. Consider your marketing plan and how you can use promotions to further engage and build relationships with your audience over Halloween.

The best way to plan a successful holiday campaign is to plan something fun that can be used across all marketing platforms and tailored to your audience members.

If you don’t have a campaign in place for this Halloween, you still have time! Use these Halloween marketing tips to create a last minute campaign that is sure to capture your audience.

1) Offer a Halloween special

The holidays are a perfect excuse to launch special offers and discounts. Whatever your product or service may be, find a way to incorporate halloween aspects into your incentives. For example, restaurants can offer specific specials on halloween decorated desserts or pumpkin treats. Other businesses can offer discounts or special offers to only customers who come dressed in costume. Encourage customers to shop during the holiday by offering coupons that are only valid through October 31st.

2) Use a Halloween theme

Depending on the products or services you offer, consider developing a Halloween theme to market your business. For example, a restaurant can use witch’s brew as a theme to market their ingredients and meals, a doctor can use a skeleton theme, while dentists can use vampires. Pick a theme and a creative tagline, then use it to market your services and products across all platforms.

3) Decorate

Enhance the experience of your customers by simply decorating your business for the holiday season. Consider hanging cobwebs from doors and ceilings, playing scary music and displaying carved pumpkins with your business’s logo. Take photos of your decorated space and pumpkins and post to social media to show customers that you are in the Halloween spirit! If you want to go even further, have employees dress in costume on the days leading up to Halloween. This will give a fun, friendly atmosphere that your customers will enjoy!

A few more last minute ideas to boost your brand with a Halloween promo:

- Run a best costume contest on social media
- Hand out bags with your logo and website that trick-or-treaters can use
- Hand out candy or treat bags at your business
- Send a Happy Halloween email to subscribers
- Host a Halloween coloring contest for children
- Write a list of Halloween safety tips to pass out
- Create a special menu with Halloween names
- Pass out candy to children and coupons to adults
- Place scary clues around town that lead to your business
- Offer candy to anyone who signs up for your newsletter

Setting up a campaign for Halloween can take little effort, and enhance customer relations. Whatever you choose to do, the most important thing is to have fun with it! Your customers will enjoy it and they will be encouraged to come back!

Note: This article is borrowed from the blog of Fidelitas Development.

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